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Thread: Flash Test - Bug in Programming Software or Firmware?

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    Flash Test - Bug in Programming Software or Firmware?

    Hi folks.

    This is not a show stopper, but was wondering if others see this same issue. When I go into the "low end settings" screen to set the low end trim, there is a listing on the left for each device. There is a button to press to "flash" the individual lights for identification or to test ability to turn on/off. Now this seems to work to flash the particular light I choose, but what also happens is that the two "plug-in" devices that I have in the system (a table top dimmer and an appliance plug-in) also flash/toggle at the same time. This happens for every device I decide to test. This can't be correct. Other than this issue, the system works fine in every other way during normal operation.

    I'm using the latest Essentials software and the latest Main Repeater firmware.

    Anyone else see this?


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    I see the same thing when I am sending a flash command via integration. Instead of one, several loads start flashing (and even couple of switches). Have not noticed any pattern so far, but it has been broken since at least version 6.3, so apparently it is still broken (I haven't updated to the latest version yet).

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    I had this problem with a Ra2 Demo case. The Low End trim is a fairly new feature, and my case was one of the first made. The firmware on the devices was old enough that it picked up the low end trim flash and flashed all devices (dimmers, plug in dimmer, and hybrid keypad). It is possible that this is only the case for older RA2 devices, I have not tried on brand new ones. Maybe one of the engineers at Lutron can clarify.
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    Thanks guys, makes me feel better that I'm not the only one :-)

    The plug-in style devices that are showing the problem were shipped directly from Lutron about 2 months ago, so they are new.

    Would be good to know what's going on though.


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