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Thread: Passive infrared Occupancy/Vacancy sensor switch

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    Passive infrared Occupancy/Vacancy sensor switch

    Newbie DIYer here. Sorry for a silly question.

    I'm trying to find out which sensor I can use in my laundry room. It has a fluorescent fixture with the long fluorescent tubes. I don't need dimming, just on/off ability.

    Also, I'd like to put a vacancy sensor to control a bathroom ceiling exhaust fan. Any idea which one I can use for this purpose?

    Sorry. Very confused by all the different models and capacities available for the maestro occupancy/vacancy sensor switch.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    It depends on the amount of current each device draws, but these are some options:
    MS-OPS2H-XX can be used for the light
    MS-OPS5M-XX must be used for the fan motor up to 3 amps (you're probably just fine)

    'xx' is a stand-in for the color code- gloss white is 'WH' for example.

    The advanced programming feature of the devices allows you to change vacancy/occupancy sensor settings. These are both 'wallbox' devices that work best if the switch location covers the area you want for detection. There are RF standalone options that you could implement in case the switch location is in a bad location for detection (ie out in the hallway instead of in the room)

    Good luck-

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