I thought this was good information to have. The 3-Wire motor loads for the RPM-4M defined in the project can have configurable options from the "Design->Loads" screen. You would have to click on the "customize columns" link and check off the options under the "Motor" category. Options and descriptions below:

Jog time: will let you raise or lower a motor load with timed increments on a press (or hold). The timed increments can be modified.

Jog latch: The amount it will take while raising or lowering a motor load to latch on and keep raising or lowering without a user holding the button down. For example, after x seconds holding the button down it will raise by itself for a time until it reaches its off state (time to off).

Interlock: The time in seconds it will take to switch a motor load from raising to lowering or vice versa.

Time To off: The amount of time a motor will run until it reaches its "off" state