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Thread: VPN Access?

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    VPN Access?

    Has anyone had any luck with remote VPN access? Work in the 6.xx fw rev series but since the 7.xx series there's been no joy. I tried 8.1 today and still no joy.

    any one at since 7.xx? Is Lutron going to do anything to verify it works or doesn't and if they can't get it working do something to fix it.
    Danbury, CT

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    PPTP is required for direct VPN access to a RadioRA2 controller.

    If you utilize L2TP or OpenVPN, you could talk to a proxy machine (on the same local network as the RadioRA2 controller) that in turn communicates via telnet to the RadioRA2 controller.

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    Are you saying you have vpn working over pptp or just via a proxy? I used to be able to connect via pptp but no longer. If you need a proxy then it sound like Lutron's multicast doesn't work over the vpn which is why you have to connect via a local machine. I would think telnet would work over pptp too but the RA2 software is the issue in order to update the program and transfer the file.
    Danbury, CT

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    It's working over PPTP.

    I'm exploring alternatives to PPTP - OpenVPN/ L2TP.

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    Is the RadioRA2 controller configured to use a static or dynamic IP address?

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    What fw/sw rev are you using. I used to have pptp working before rev 7.++ but no more. I did add a layer 3 switch and vlans on my local net so if yours works I connect direct to my router and bypass the switch since the switch inter vlan routing.
    Danbury, CT

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    It should be 8.01.

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    Ok, I've trie 8.xx too but if you have it working maybe it's my LAN setup but with this setup if I rolled back to a pre v7.xx version it would work. I'll see if I can get it working by bypassing my L2 and L3 switches and if it works then I 'll check my switch configs.
    Danbury, CT

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    Is there anywhere we can read up on how to set up remote access for RA2 so we can just update customers firmware from the office as opposed to rolling out trucks? I had someone mention using DynDNS to ensure the customers router can be accessed. Is this the best way of going about this or can someone recommend better options, ones they are currently using to access customers repeaters remotely?

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    I am Connected Via VPN pptp. i can see the main repeater but cannot transfer. is there something specific to the lutron repeater that needs to be set to access VPN?

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