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Thread: Crestron RadioRa2 Keypad Monitor feedback doesn't work

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    Crestron RadioRa2 Keypad Monitor feedback doesn't work

    I have a client that was wanting to integrate RadioRa2 to their table top keypads to allow for the security system to be armed in stay mode. I was wanting to use the button press pulse digital signal in the Tabletop seeTouch Keypad Monitor r05 to do the triggering. After testing the demo program that can can be downloaded on the drivers page, I've come up with the conclusion that there might be an issue with the Feedback Processing module in the Crestron module. I'm able to verify with Simple Debugger that the Feedback Processor shows serial response but does not feed out any high or low digtial signals like it should.

    I was was wanting to see if someone else can verify they are having the same issues with this module. Or has anybody found a way to make this work.

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    We are also having this issue, using RadioRa2 Inclusive V8.0 and Crestron.

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    I had issues with the iPad app feedback on 8.0. Upgraded to 8.1 and the newest iOS and the issue resolved itself. There are other threads on poor feedback from 8.0. Try a firmware update.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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    Is the general consensuses on 8.1 that's it's stable and safe?

    Been sticking with 7.8 until I get comfortable and give it a shot.

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