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Thread: Suggestions for casetawireless

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    I have been a long time Maestro/RA2 user. I was part of the rep firm in SD when Caseta was launched. I can tell you from first hand experience, that those people unfamiliar with the Maestro style dimmer absolutely prefer the Caseta. There is no confusion from the homeowner. Especially my wife and kids. I have also found that the aging-in-place market definitely prefers the on/off feature that picos and Caseta provide. It took the rest of my house 3 years to figure out the double tap on, since they all tried to dim-to-off (which isn't possible). Now I have the locked preset for RA2 at 60%, and all is good.
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    I agree that points one and two would vastly increase the functionality of the system. It is hard to understand why Lutron hasn't incorporated two such basic things when they would really streamline the performance of the Caseta system.

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    Caseta dimmers/switches should transmit button presses via telnet. Currently this seems to be locked down to PICO's only. I am increasingly running into situations where a press on a dimmer would very useful when fed to control system.

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