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Thread: Shade noise levels?

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    Shade noise levels?

    Can somebody please let me know what are the noise levels for all different Lutron shade offerings - QED, Sivoia (24v), Triathlon (12v), Serena? I couldn't find that information on the site. Thanks.

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    To find this information on our website follow this path. Goto , then hover your mouse over service and support and select product specification submittals.
    In step 1 hover your mouse over the letter that corresponds to the product you would like. (Example: S for Sivoia QS) Then select the .pdf for the product you would like to read the spec sheet on.
    All of the specification sheets for our shade product will have the noise levels measured in dba 3 feet from the shade.

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    Thanks, this helps. I was able to find all the numbers - except for Sivoia QS Triathlon Honeycomb shades - the PDF for this shade has no mention of dBa anywhere -

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    I have found the information in this faq.
    This applies to Serena as well.

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