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Thread: Utilitech Pro LED Recessed Lighting (Lowes), Which Dimmer?

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    Utilitech Pro LED Recessed Lighting (Lowes), Which Dimmer?

    I just bought 6 Lutron CL Dimmers (TGCL-153PH-WH) because they are specifically for LED lighting. I have 17 of these lights on dimmers, split between six circuits. With three of the six circuits one of the lights will randomly flicker. It isn't the same light, it will alternate to others but is never more than one light in the three circuits. Another circuit has a dimmer that doesn't dim at all, the lights are only on or off, no in between. At this point, out of 6 circuits, I have 2 dimmers that seem to work correctly.

    Once I studied the issue a little more, I realized on the back of the box for the Utilitech Pro Recessed Lighting (Model DLS02-06A27D1E-WH-F2) that they suggest using Lutron LG-603PGH-WH or Lutron TG-600PH-WH. It is in little print, buried on the back..... Both of these dimmers are for incandescent/halogen bulbs but yet they are LED fixtures.

    So which Lutron dimmer do I use for this specific light? I've spent over $120 on Lutron LED dimmers with one dimmer that doesn't do anything. I have 3 circuits that have random lights that flicker. Do I need to buy the incandescent/halogen dimmers to solve my lighting problems? Which dimmer is recommended by Lutron for this lighting? If I need to use incandescent/halogen as the back of the box states, which dimmer model number should I use for 3-pole situations. The ones listed on the box are only single pole.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Pete F.
    shelcash, thank you for your post and we apologize for the delay in response. Regarding using incandescent dimmers with LEDs, you can refer to this thread for more information. There is also a thread that addresses compatibility of LEDs with our controls. That can be found here.

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    ShelCash, did you ever figure out a solution to stop the lights from flickering? I bought the same lutron dimmers and utilitech led retorfits that you have listed and I'm having the same issue with the three-way dimmers and the lights flickering.

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