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Thread: MOXA RS485 adapter to connect to QED shade for IHA setting

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    MOXA RS485 adapter to connect to QED shade for IHA setting

    We have done our project that using a lot of QED Shade, and there is one of the Shade that really slow when goes down/up, when we press the button to open/closed the Shades, this shade is still on the way to the position while the others has already at the closed/open position. So the lutron guy told us to changed and similized the speed with the others using IHA tool and also RS485 Conveter to connect to the QED Shade.

    can we used MOXA TCC-100/100I to connected to the QED Shade ?

    attached is manual book for the MOXA TCC-100/100I
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    The communication link of our QED shades uses the RS485 2-wire (half duplex) protocol. We currently specify the USB-COMi-SI-M interface. For this interface you would make the following three connections:

    Ground to Pin 1 of QED
    Data + to Pin 3 of QED
    Data - to Pin 4 of QED

    Other interfaces should work if connected in the same manner.

    As to matching shade speeds, you should be able to do this using the IHA software available to Shade dealers. One exception is our R200 Curtain wall shade drives. These run at almost 1/4 of the speed that our other shades move, and can not be speed-matched to our faster, standard shades.

    If you aren't a dealer, you can find one at .

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