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Thread: Maestro maelv-600 dimmer

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    Maestro maelv-600 dimmer

    Recently installed a whack lighting step light after trying several Lou Tron and other Demers was instructed that the maestro MAELV 600 would be the magic dimmer to work all other dimmers allowed us to DIM the step lights but would not allow us to shut the light off.
    The MAELV does now allow us to turn the power on and off but gives us zero dim able capabilities yes we have the neutral connected is there any other advice anyone can give me to see what will or won't work
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    Pete F.
    Craig, thank you for your post. At this time, there is no industry standard for the manufacturing of LEDs. Because they are all made differently, they will all react differently to the different dimming signals that dimmers create, With this information in mind, Lutron does extensive compatibility testing on LEDs with our controls. However, we have not tested any products from WAC lights, so we would not be able to guarantee a dimming solution for it. We would suggest contacting WAC to see if there is a dimming solution that they can recommend or selecting an LED that has passed our testing and appears on our LED Product Selection Tool.

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