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Thread: VPN access - Doesn't work !?

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    Question VPN access - Doesn't work !?

    I swear I've done that dozens if not hundredths of times. I'm trying to access a QS processor over a VPN.
    I can ping it, It's set to DHCP but its IP was configured as a static lease in the router.

    The IP for my computer is in the range. The IP for the remote processor is

    I can't get 8.0.0 to connect. Doesn't work using multicast address (I wasn't expecting it to), doesn't work using and port 8023 as remote access address.

    I can ping it. I can open a terminal on it. Can't detect it. Can't get a diagnostic result either.

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    Found the problem. The remote access port had been changed (probably by me, yes).

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