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Thread: Transfer errors

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    Transfer errors

    We received this question from a customer, and thought others might be interested in the topic.

    When I do a transfer to the system all of my devices fails do you know what would cause this to happen?
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    The main problem I see that causes all the devices to fail is an Auxillary repeater not communicating. Even if there is only one not communicating, all the devices will fail transfer.

    Check to see if all the Auxillary repeaters are plugged in and have power.

    Check the range of all the repeaters to make sure they are within 60ft of another. This can be done by going into activation and verifing that the add led is flashing. If the add led flash is once per second, this means that the aux repeater is comminicating to the main rep and thinks it is activated. If the add led is flashing on for 3 seconds off for one, then the aux repeater is communicating and thinks it is not activated.
    If the led isnt flashing at all, then the Aux repeater is not communicating to the main rep.

    If the issue remains after checking the above, factory reset the auxillary repeaters and reactive them.

    Also, I think this issue only affects version 5.6.6 and older. Version 6.0 and higher should not fail all the devices, it will only fail devices that are only in range of the troublesome aux repeater.
    Identify the area in the building that the devices are failing and this should help determine which aux repeater is the culprit.
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    Ben M.
    Another reason all devices might fail transfer is if the repeater was ever defaulted and all the individual dimmers, switches, keypads were not reactivated to the RA2 system.

    If a working repeater gets factory defaulted to out-of-box settings (through triple-tap,hold,triple-tap technique) it normally sends out a signal over the RF to force all the devices that can "hear" the repeater on the RF frequency to go into their default state also.

    If all the devices go into their default state, they will all fail transfer because they are not associated with the main repeater anymore. (which means don't default the main repeater unless you absolutely have to!)

    You can tell if a devices is defaulted or not by they way they flash when your repeater is in activation mode.

    Indicator lights that flash slow (3 seconds on, 1 second off) are defaulted and not part of the system.
    Indicator lights that flash steady ( 1 second on, 1 second off) are activated and linked to a repeater.

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    Chances are, he needs to do a factory reset on all the dimmers and reactivate them. I've noticed RR2 works fine if everything is perfect but if you're working in a house with multiple wifi access points and walk around to activate them, the system can be interrupted while wifi hands off to another access point and the results are bad. Usually, the dimmer thinks it's activated and locked while the processor can't talk to it.

    Also, if you have two main repeaters (and two systems linked), if the router has other things on it (even a big router), the 2nd main repeater can give you all errors or take for ever and go into protected mode. I had an absolute nightmare early on with a house that was oversold with RR2 which should have been a QS job. complete nightmare. I had to factory default nearly 200 devices, most hidden away, and reactivate them. Now days there is an advance button on the software that makes reactivation easier but be forewarned.

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