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Thread: Radio Ra 2 on Surface Pro 3?

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    Radio Ra 2 on Surface Pro 3?

    Is anyone running the new essential update (8.0) on a Surface Pro 3 and if so how is it working for you?

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    I have 8.0 running on an original Surface Pro and it works just fine. I needed a very portable and light solution for in house client programming and I am pleased with the performance.

    It isn't like running the software on my main workhouse laptop but for simple updates, activating devices plus walkaround troubleshooing - it works great. Not to mention light weight and easy to hold in one hand.

    Probably be much better/faster on the Surface Pro 3. I so need to hook up a lanyard or tracking sticker to the pen though as I keep loosing it.

    I tried an older samsung windows tablet but it just couldn't handle the load.

    Hopes this helps you!

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