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Thread: QS integration with Carrier Infinity HVAC

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    QS integration with Carrier Infinity HVAC

    QS integration with Carrier Infinity HVAC

    Good, bad, ugly?

    Any experience?

    Builder and homeowner are pushing for it.
    Will require ASCII programming ???????

    Please advise

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    Is the specific HVAC a digital HVAC? Is it compatible with the CoolMaster or HeatMiser interfaces? We assume this as you mention ASCII programming. If so, please see our application notes attached on how to work with HVAC systems that are compatible with the HeatMiser or CoolMaster interfaces.
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    Thanks for the reply

    I have received info from the HVAC contractor:

    They are being very specific that we have to use thier interface.

    Carrier Infinity Touch
    Carrier - SYSTXCCRCT01 - their interface board
    SAM remote access interface - manuals for the ASCII protocol

    What, if any type of control can the homeowner expect form this?
    Looking at the HC+ app - what challenges will I have coding rs232 for the interface?
    Not even sure where in programming this would take place?

    I will need an rs232 to Ethernet converter

    Do you know of anyone to successfully pull this off with the Carrier Infinity system?


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    Thank you for the additional information. For an Ethernet to RS232 application with custom strings from HomeWorks QS, please see the attached app note on the converter and process we recommend to use to setup this application. You will need to follow scenario 4.
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    Will this give me/them control with the HC+ app or only keypad?
    in other words
    if I put in two Lutron thermostats on other air handlers, will we also be able to control and monitor the Carrier with the app?
    the document stated "no two way" communication.

    So I presume I can only tell the system what to do, but not monitor it?

    Thanks for the info and replys!

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    You will be able to program keypad buttons in the system to control the HVAC that the app can press. Unfortunately, no direct commands from the app to the HVAC can be sent. There is the possibility for two way integration. You would need to program in the "Tools->Configure Integration" menu your commands to expect from the Carrier, then ensure the communication is "From Third Party".

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    Those who doesn't know to control the buttons of HVAC systems, must seek help from HVAC Contractors to learn how to control the system.

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