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Thread: Jumping issue with Roman Blind or Curtains

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    Jumping issue with Roman Blind or Curtains

    Good evening. I have a big issue with a lot of roller Sivoia motors. It is quite simple to explain what it happens: I pull down the tissue and i close completely the windows. Then i start to open the motor: it seems that the motor has a big starting torque, so that it start very fast and it does like a jump. Every time that i start to move it (in opening position) it does this. The same I can see also with orizzontal curtains, since it start quick for a while and then it goes a constant speed.

    At first i tought that it could be an individual issue: after setting more that 200 Sivoia motors on board of a mega yacht, i understood that it should be an issue linked to the motors theirselves.
    Can you tell me something about?

    I have to explain to the owner of the ship that this problem cannot be fixed (or, if it is possibile to fix, in which way).

    Thank you so much, Nicola

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    When you mention “pull down the tissue” is this removing the wrap from the fabric for the first time? If the shade stalls the first time you try to move it, the next time it moves, it will supply more torque to the motor. This will cause it to jump, stop, then move at a more normal speed.

    The shade will notice that less torque is needed and apply less and less each time it moves, until it runs smoothly. You can bypass this gradual ‘learning’ by defaulting the shade. This will send it back to its factory torque settings.

    I’m not sure why all the shades on this particular order would have this issue. Can you try defaulting a few and see if it fixes the issue? Let me know what the result is.


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    As written by mail, I copy hereunder, hoping it can help someone if necessary.

    When I say "pull down the tissue" I mean that using string commands i close the curtain/roller. There is no wrap anymore, since the motors are correctly moving. That issue is only when I start moving the system.

    Is possible to update in some way the firmware of each motor in order to solve that jump issue?

    Note that the motors are installed and working since the beginning of November, so the "autosetup" at the moment I suppose it should be completed.

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    System support is working directly on this issue. The thread will be updated when completed.

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