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Thread: Minimum Loads for HWQS Devices

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    Minimum Loads for HWQS Devices

    Below is a table for minimum loads and load types supported by different HomeWorks QS products. The HWQS software has pop-up windows with warnings when these are not followed, but it is good to have all the information in front of you when specing a system.

    Product Min Load Load types
    HRQ-3LD 10W Inc, MLV
    HRQ-3PD 10W Inc, MLV and also CFL, ELV, LED for switching only
    HQRD-6D 50W Inc, MLV
    HQRD-6NA 5W Inc, MLV, ELV
    HQRD-6ND 10W Inc, MLV
    HQRD-10D 10W Inc, MLV
    HQRD-10ND 10W Inc, MLV, FL Tu-Wire
    HQRD-F6AN 1 Ballast 3 wire flourecent ballast and the Hi Lume LED driver
    HQRD-8S 40W Inc, MLV, ELV, FL, CFL, LED
    HQRD-H6BRL 15W with neutral
    50W without neutral Inc, MLV
    HRQ-15APS None general purpose 15A switch
    HQRJ-WPM-6D 25W per zone Inc, MLV
    HW-RPM-4A 10W Inc, MLV, ELV
    HW-RPM-4U 25W Inc, MLV
    HW-RPM-4E 10W ELV, up to 300W Inc
    HW-RPM-4FSQ 0.25A 3 speed fans
    HW-RPM-4R None general purpose 16A switch
    HW-RPM-4M None Bi directional 3 wire AC motors


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    how about LQSE-4A-D, LQSE-4T10-D and LQSE-4S-D. would you tell me the minimum loads and what type of load are supported ?

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    The LQSE-4A-D, LQSE-4T10-D, and LQSE-4S-D do not have a minumum load requirement.

    - The LQSE-4A can use either leading edge or trailing edge dimming technology to control incandescent/halogen, electronic/magnetic low voltage, and neon/cold cathode light sources. It can also control dimmable CFL/LED loads. Please contact lutron for compatibility with CFL/LED light sources.

    - The LQSE-4T10-D can control LED/CLF switched or 0-10V loads

    - The LQSE-4S-D is a switching relay that can control switched loads

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