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Thread: Timeclocks in 8.0

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    Timeclocks in 8.0

    I'm feeling my way around 8.0.0 and while I like the various ways i can set up timeclocks, one feature is close but not quite there. Disabling a particular timeclock until end of day is a good idea, but a great idea would be disabling a timeclock for x hours, or x days, or until 10am the next day. I don't have a need for disabling until midnight, but I am looking for a clean way to sub one timeclock for another during a party and then reverting back to the normal timeclock automatically late morning the next day. I'm thinking a sequence might do it. I also thought about setting a timeclock to change timeclocks but that isn't an option :) Anybody care to share how they might skin that cat?

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    Thank you for this feedback. Correct, unfortunately, a timeclock could not control another timeclock. You could run a variable that can change automatically via a sequence.

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