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Thread: Lutron dimmers with Cooper leds

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    Lutron dimmers with Cooper leds

    I have Cooper Lighting L805 Med Stasis track light fixtures that list Lutron dimmers that are designated ELV series. I can not find a listing for these dimmers on your websight, are they still being mfg'd? If so, where do I find them? I tried Lutron CL dimmers and found they didn't work, led's won't stabilize and flash continuously. Got on Cooper's website and found the ELV requirement.


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    Pete F.
    lgalaske, thank you for your post. To find ELV dimmers, you can visit our Dimmer and Switches page on our website, select the style of dimmer that you would like to use, then click Model Numbers at the top of the page. If there is an Electronic Low Voltage dimmer available, it will appear in the list of dimmers on that page. However, since we have not tested these Cooper LEDs, we would not be able to guarantee dimming compatibility.

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