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Thread: How to check online warranty of all Lutron products ?

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    Question How to check online warranty of all Lutron products ?

    Our clients wants to check their warranty of all Lutron products from internet by entering product id/serial number.
    How is it possible ?

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    Unfortunately, you cannot determine if a device is under warranty or what is the warranty for the device online by using the serial number.

    A specific device's warranty will have to do with the manufacturing date of the device, as well as the family or system it belongs to. All devices have a date code on their sticker. They have a format of a letter followed by two numbers, usually preceeded by the prefix "SM" and underlined in green. You can provide this date code to tech support or customer service at Lutron as they can help determine the date code of the item, and if it is still under warranty. For more information on Lutron warranty, please see the web page in the link below. You could also search a system or family by name at the bottom of the webpage and see the warranty guidelines for the specific family or system.

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    International warranties

    Very useful thread - does anyone have a pdf of an international warranty for Homeowrks QS and RA2 ?Can we offer the extended warranties in Australia ?

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    Thank you for post rossyduck.

    We have a programming guide for Ra2 found here at that can be helpful for Ra2. We do not have something like that for HomeWorks per say, however we do have an app note on the upgrading of HomeWorks Illumination to HomeWorks QS that shows some programming that can be found here at . Hope this helps!

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