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Thread: Failed Remote Access

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    Failed Remote Access

    Has anyone had any problems with their remote access? Finishing up a job now and I set up Remote Access for a customer and they paid for it/created account but for some reason the HC+ app wont connect to the system remotely. It gets to the "Connecting" screen on device and then reads "Cannot Connect to System" after a minute or two trying to connect. I haven't run into anything like this yet and have connected several systems remotely.

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    did you get anywhere with this problem, or is it still unresolved?

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    Not really. I am working on one of the systems now. It's actually much worse. I have narrowed it down to the updates to both the HC+ app and the 8.0 inclusive software. After updating the app, there were lots of problems with the system synching (I.e.- keypad LEDs would reflect the correct state of the zone but it wouldn't correspond on app.). Support confirmed this and said they are aware of the issue. Then remote access, which was working up until then just failed. No answers from support, they said send in the project file. I am hoping it's software bugs. Tech support said they will have an app update out by the end of the week. I hope so, my customer is not too happy.

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    I have the same problem still now .
    I don't got any solution.

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    I am wondering if something automatically changes any network or router settings when you update the repeaters file version and I'm not catching it...

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